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Over 8 years of international consulting

The PAT Group starts its operations in Tehran in 2005. Its main field of activity is business consulting with an international focus.

Since the beginning, PAT has been collaborating with institutions, State Agencies, prestigious universities and public and private companies to offer high-quality, competent, professional consulting services.

PAT’s network of advisors and experts, thanks to numerous years of international experience, are in a position to satisfy the demanding needs of a constantly changing market.


PAT ITALIA: internationalizazion consulting for italian companies

In 2012 PAT opens its Milan office in Corso di Porta Vittoria, 28, in the heart of Italy’s most vibrant economical and financial center. A few months later it opens its UAE office in Dubai.

Milan-based Pat Italia responds to the growing demand for a company providing specialized international and strategic consulting:

  • to Italian and European companies interested in internationalizing towards the Middle East. Iran in particular, in the light of the recent diplomatic and political developments, provides a land of business and investment opportunities for Italian and EU companies;
  • to Middle-Eastern companies interested in establishing business relations with Italian and European companies;
  • to Middle-Eastern companies searching for investors in Italy and Europe or wishing to invest in Italy and Europe.

Pat Italia is more than a company specialized in internationalization consulting. Pat Italia is a trait d’union, a bridge between Italy, Europe and the Middle East.

 The history this is a great present and never just a past.

Émile-Auguste Chartier