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At Pat Italia we are specialized in consulting services for:

  • international business transactions
  • international financial transactions
  • international investments

in particular between Europe (Italy) and the Middle East.

Middle East, Emerging Markets and Internationalization Strategies

To Italian and European companies Pat Italia offers specialized consulting services for their Internationalization towards the Middle East. Our team of experts advises, accompanies and supports companies wishing to expand their business beyond national borders towards these geographical regions.

In particular the Iranian market, following the recent international political and diplomatic developments, appears as an unexplored land fraught with business and investment opportunities for Italian and European companies of all sizes.

For Middle Eastern companies, Pat Italia is a potential business partner that - thanks to its strategic location in Milan - can provide advice and support in the search for new business opportunities as well as for investments or investors in Italy and Europe.

Pat Italia does not operate alone. Its competitive advantage lies in its being part of an international network with its two sister companies: PAT in Tehran, Iran and Business Executive Events in Dubai, UAE.

The daily collaboration with PAT and Business Executive Events enables Pat Italia to offer an extremely competent and professional service, always up-to-date and up to its customers’ expectations.

Financial Consulting for Transactions with Emerging Middle Eastern Markets.

With Pat Italia local difficulties in international transactions are no longer a problem.

Thanks to its network of local experts and advisors, Pat Italia is well aware of the possible technical problems, red tape complications or customs delays that may occur during the different stages of the internationalization process. Pat Italia experts can easily foresee these problems and help their customers solve or by-pass them, thus making the internationalization process as smooth as possible.

The thorough knowledge of the target markets and countries and of their cultural, economic and business traditions and mindsets enables Pat Italia to provide valuable “insider” strategic advice, an added value which its competitors can only envy.

Internationalization Strategies

Pat Italia has chosen to specialize in assisting companies that wish to expand in the Middle East because it is physically and actively present in this geographical area - through its sister companies in Tehran and Dubai.
Its active presence in the target markets enables Pat Italia to provide unique, top quality, technically flawless consulting services.

Whether your company is looking for distributors or suppliers, whether you want to invest or set up a representative office or a manufacturing plant in the Middle East, Pat Italia’s consultants are there to assist, advise and accompany you throughout all the stages of your internationalization process.

Internationalisation Consulting

If you are thinking about expanding in the region but you do not know how, when and where to start, Pat Italia will take your hand and guide you throughout your internationalisation process from the very beginning.
Pat Italia’s experts will help you identify the most interesting and profitable business opportunities for your company, based on your product, size, productivity and growth potential. Pat Italia stands for reliable, competent, effective internationalization strategies.

To companies wishing to expand internationally Pat Italia offers:

  • Company check-up;
  • Market and industry analysis;
  • Help in choosing the most suitable internationalization modality amongst:
    • search for distributors or agents,
    • opening of representative offices,
    • set up of manufacturing plants or local branches in partnership with local companies,
    • set up of manufacturing plants or subsidiaries directly controlled by the mother company.
  • Definition of customized internationalization strategies;
  • Search for business partners;
  • Advice on financing opportunities and tax allowances;
  • Legal and fiscal consulting;
  • Advice on due diligence;
  • Advice on transfer pricing;
  • Ongoing assistance and support based on the company’s needs.

To companies that are pondering the possibility of expanding their business in or with the Middle East, Pat Italia offers:

  • Workshops or one-to-one consulting sessions introducing to the target markets and the opportunities that they offer;
  • Company check-up and feasibility and profitability studies
  • Trade missions to Middle Eastern countries with B2B meetings with pre-selected local operators.