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Today, the decision to expand internationally is no longer an option for the Italian and European companies who are determined to thrive in times of economic crisis. It is a necessity. For that reason Pat Italia opens its doors and offers its first-class consulting services to those who, with vision and entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to enter the emerging markets of the Middle East.

Pat Italia, a bridge between Italy and the Middle East.

Pat Italia’s strategic vision on the economies of these markets, its ability to collect and process data and information directly and rapidly thanks to its local presence, its network of business and diplomatic contacts enable Pat Italia to offer consulting services that are always complete, competent, up-to-date, fast and integrated.

Pat Italia, your internationalization partner for the Middle East.

Not only that. Pat Italia is also the partner of choice of Middle Eastern companies that are keen on establishing business relationships or investing in Italy and Europe. The same top-quality, professional and reliable advice is guaranteed to Middle Eastern companies approaching Italian and European markets in search of profitable business or investment opportunities. Pat Italia offers its know-how and its know-what, together with the expertise resulting from years of experience in international business consulting.


Pat Italia is a consulting company specialized in internationalization strategies.

It provides strategic and logistic advice and support to Italian and European companies wishing to initiate business relations and/or invest in the emerging markets of the Middle East.

Pat italia’s core business is to accompany step by step Italian and European companies throughout their internationalization process when this is directed towards the Middle East. Its activity starts with the preliminary stage of selecting the most adequate internationalization modality and continues up to the implementation of ambitious business or investment projects. The potential industries are manifold: they range from construction, infrastructure, transport to renewable energies, architectural renovation, tourism.


Pat Italia’s activity is based on some fundamental values:


Quality is Pat Italia’s number one priority. Ever since the beginning, to a quantitative approach based on numbers, Pat Italia has preferred a more qualitative, selective and focused approach, based on the supply of first-rate services to a niche audience. Our customers appreciate our commitment to quality and they are glad to invest in it, with the awareness that they will obtain results exceeding their expectations.


Pat Italia’s lean and dynamic structure enables it to build a personal relationship with all of its clients. At Pat Italia, no customer is treated like a number. Each and every client is a person, an individual case with a human and corporate history, with which the consultant establishes a deep empathic relationship. Thanks to this personal interaction, the consultant can better interpret the client’s business needs and easily identify the best way to approach them.


Pat Italia especially values the professional expertise coming from numerous years of valuable work experience. The level of competence, professionalism and reliability of the services that we provide mainly derives from the significant international work experience of the people making up the Pat Italia team.


At Pat Italia, work has an inherent international dimension. Every member of the team - from the Managing Partner to his assistants to the Advisors – has an international background, in terms of education and work experience. At Pat Italia there are no language or cultural barriers and the workplace is the world.